A second interview at Video Planet?


Jefe: Pablo, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Pablo: An army.

Doodles: I wanna be an army with a gun.

Pablo: I’m already gonna have a gun. You, Doodles, you’re going to be a captain with a mustache.

Doodles: No, I don’t like mustaches.

Pablo: You will when you get older and you have whiskers like Daddy and then a mustache. You can be a captain with a mustache in the army.

Doodles: I’m gonna be an army with a gun.

Inspired by the lyrics to “Stadium Love” by Metric. I asked these simple questions:

Jefe: Spider vs. bat?

Pablo: Spider.

Jefe: Tiger vs. rat?

Pablo: Rat. Scary.

Jefe: Owl vs. dove?

Pablo: Owl.

Jefe: Cougar or a snake?

Pablo: Snake.

Jefe: Angel vs. eel?

Pablo: Angel.

Jefe: Rabbit vs. dove?

Pablo: Dove. They’re cool.

Jefe: (off lyrics now) Brewers vs. Twins?

Pablo: Brewers.

Jefe: Packers vs. Vikings?

Pablo: Vikings.

Jefe: What!? No.

Pablo: Packers.

Jefe: Superman vs. Batman?

Pablo: Batman!

Doodles: Superman!

Jefe: Spider-man.


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