Boys will be


Line 'em up!

Line 'em up!

We have boys, “Boy” boys. Not necessarily sporty guys yet, we’ll see about that. (Pablo refused to swim again at the Y today.) But boys that are so into typical boy stuff, at least maybe 1950s boy stuff. And they are not just into it a bit. They actually kinda elevate it to the level of a fetish or an obsession. They get very focused and single-minded about whatever their current craze. 


These favorites manifest themselves in odd ways. At least odd for how I have to placate them. Lately I have been forced to draw soldiers, workmen, sharks and the like. They have to be “small and cut” (not circumcised). I have taken to drawing a few they approve of and then photocopying the rest to meet demands. Then they actually play with these in a paper-doll way of sorts, which I guess is not as Boy boy as I claimed before. I do hear a lot of fake explosions, though. 


In order of fandom with latest at the top:

Monsters, Aliens (I think we’ll try it in 3-D on Monday. Doodles first theater experience.)



Clones/Star Wars



Police (any uniformed guy, usually with a hat, coat, tie, see also conductor or workman)

Indiana Jones








And it should be noted that O.P.T.* takes top billing when available.

After the first year of pre-school, Pablo’s teacher remarked how much he loved animals and how she even learned about some obscure ones from him. When Pablo was asked by the end of the summer about this, he said “I don’t like animals. I like soldiers.” So as popular as the current craze is, it’s usually thrown in the basement or attic to make way for the next one. Any guesses on what comes after Monsters and Aliens? Make your prediction. I’ll award a prize to the right guess. 

*Other people’s toys


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  1. L Rogers

    I predict other thrill-seeking adventures such as motor-bike adventures, plunging from the high dive at the outdoor swimming pool (he’ll get over the not wanting to take a dip as soon as he sees his brother having so much fun). Thanks for the blog – very fun to read.

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