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Film Review: Neither Trekkie or Trekker

Hi, we're Spock and Kirk: Generation Y

Hi, we're Spock and Kirk: Generation Y

Saw an advance screening of the new Star Trek movie by Lost creator, J.J. Abrams. I never cared a bit about the series or movies, though I do recall liking Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. This made me the target market (finally feeling targeted again)
as the studio tries to revamp the series for a new audience. “This is Star Trek designed for people who don’t actually like Star Trek, ” some anal Trekkies have been heard to grumble. Fine, so that makes this one good, funny, action packed (sky-diving: best), and with a likable cast. I recommend it and predict it’ll do well.

Time travel is a major component of the story just like in Lost. It makes me wonder if there are clues to where Lost may end up based on how Abrams dealt with changing time here. There were many of the old time travel rules broken, which was very interesting and unique.

Spock seemed to be the main character/most developed, but Kirk was fleshed out, too. Simon Pegg as Scottie was a good turn and Bones was really likable aping the lines from the old days that anyone could recognize.

Overall grade: B+

I hope Wolverine is good. We’ll see.



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Tickle yourself, shirtheads

As soon as I upload to I need to be ready to post about the videos, or they stand alone there, getting viewed with no words to flesh them out. But what can be said about two young brothers and their dad trapped inside by the rain, wishing for nice weather in Spring? You go a bit nuts. And if you were already a bit, you go farther to the mystical magical realism realm. Here we go…
Listen for the callback to mustache monkeys in the second video. I bet some of you might act like this, too. The only difference is you have the sense to either a. not make a video or b. at least not share it with others. Fear not, that’s what I’m here for, oh the places we’ll go…Enjoy.

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4 Funniest TV Shows You Aren’t Watching

Watching Cartoon Network with Pablo and Doodles has led me to some really funny adult shows that air around midnight in Adult Swim. These are not for everyone, but if you like these, let’s talk.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show. Great Job! (Cartoon Network)

Just the weirdest, grossest, hit or miss grab bag of sketches. When it works it’s the hardest I’ve laughed in a while. For fans of Mr. Show.

The Mighty Boosh

This is wildly offbeat stuff and sometimes features our friend, Rich Fulcher. Fans of Monty Python, but this is really in its own category.

Did improv comedy with Jon Glaser in L.A. He also wrote/acted on Conan O’Brien.

The IT Crowd

Seems to spoof the sitcom format with very loud laugh track and obvious “acting” but watch it longer and it may be smarter than you think. Now that The Office has jumped the shark try this show.

You can search these linke sites and Youtube for clips but I find they’re best watched in their entirety to get the nuances, jokes, themes and characters. Hence why I’m not posting scenes. That and I would probably scare off many of the parental readers. (Prove me wrong, parents, anyone else catch Adult Swim shows?)

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Monthly Mix – April 09

When it rains it pours. March and April were big for new music. Here’s the April ’09 mix. As always, if interested in a mix for your listening pleasure, please comment here.
4 Apr 09

Lyrics that stood out for obvious (or not so obvious) reasons:
“Like a fool” (April)
“Follow your birthday with the end is near”
“All of my old friends aren’t so friendly”
“Run it up the flagpole/See if they salute”
“Die a little every day”
“Did some favors for some guys who looked like Tusken Raiders”

“Little Secrets” will remind me of the first 80 degree day and kickball game of the year.

The song “Two” hit me hard, right place and time, death of someone I knew.

For more on these tunes see our review site Critickle.

Check out the local band Caroline Smith and The Good Night Sleeps

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Forced Fetish

Maybe you know this person. Maybe it’s you. Your friend likes frogs. She said so. Every year people give her frog themed gifts. She has a whole shelf of them. So many frogs. Frog cups, candleholders, stuffed animals, pillows, toothbrushes, maybe Michigan J. Frog. One day she says, “Enough already. Please stop giving me frog gifts for Christmas, birthdays, etc. I am not that into frogs, never really was.”

You’ve been to this person’s house, right? You saw their bedroom full of Beanie Babies or maybe their rec room knick-knacks of old timey cars. These things happen. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen an Elvis fetish forced on my brother. Elvis everything, and with Elvis, that fetish can be fed for a while. I think the clock with the swinging hips of time was the final straw in his fetish. Mothers are good at having a little thing for something like, say, bunnies, and also good at feeding someone’s collection.

My favorite forced fetish was when Jeff G. forced his wife Deb to like Marvin the Martian more than she really did. One day she had said something offhand about liking him or maybe just laughed at a cartoon.
She proceeded to receive a Marvin the Martian baseball cap, keychain, t-shirt, and various other things. One day she told the rest of us that she really didn’t like Marvin the Martian. The best part was once we knew it but Jeff G. didn’t yet. We would say, “Hey Deb, where’s that Marvin cap, that’s so funny, you should wear it.” She would just shake her head at us like it was our secret.
And that stuff didn’t make it through to their next house move, getting conveniently left behind.

After a month of this blog, I’m seeing I could get a forced fetish with the mustaches and robots, but am still in my honeymoon phase. I don’t have enough, so feel free, if the combo is right, to show me mustachioed robots or mustaches with El Jefe, whatever you got.
I don’t have anywhere near a full shelf yet. I’ll let you know when I put a moratorium on the fetish.

Have you ever had a thing, whether it was cows or angels or Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Did it go too far? Tell me.


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I thought this was Balloon Fight. But of course, it’s not.

You can try to be highbrow about it, but a well-placed fart noise is genius. Atomic Farts is a free application for the iPhone. I’ve used this to diffuse many a meltdown, fight or other situation crying for distractions. On the way to St. Paul (Again, we go out-of-town so much) for the Arbor Day Party the boys were fighting in the car. Mama and I were getting really annoyed. I pulled out the iPhone and fired-up fake farts till we were all laughing and even requesting our favorites. All the fart sounds have names. It’s a lot funnier when you know them. Pablo’s fave is “Couldn’t Hold it Any Longer”. I prefer “U-Turn”. Check out the “Princess” for realism. (Ladies, we know you do it, too.) There isn’t a fart called balloon so that’s 5-year-old creativity in action for you already. You can hear “The U-Turn” and others in this clip below (note: the app is free) Imagine the possibilities: parties, elevators, book clubs, church, etc.

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Pablo: 5

Pablo woke up today like it was Christmas or Easter. He was so excited partially because he woke up still wearing his new Clone Trooper costume from Oma.

Other fave gifts so far are binoculars, Brewers cap, Cyclops from X-Men, a tiger mask (of course I was a hunted tiger today), and hopefully the walkie talkies, among others. He’s had family stopping by over the last few days, but his first big kid BD party is scheduled for next week.

We had a family trip out-of-town to St. Paul. Pablo request going to a museum on his birthday. Today’s thunderstorms cooperated nicely. Our first time at the Children’s Museum was a big hit. Pablo’s favorite was wearing a hard hat, loading fake packages and pretend driving a truck from the “toy” factory. We had never seen him so animated, fast, persistent and determined. It was hilarious because if he was actually doing that kind of job for money, I’m sure it would be in slo-mo with no vim and vigor, tons of backaches and complaints, etc. The ant-farm was fun with both kids dressing up as ants and crawling around in the tunnels. Also the bus driver and water stations with boat races, really most of the exhibits. Definitely going to go back there sometime soon, probably a free third Sunday bad weather trip. So nice to get all the way out of town to the foreign land of St. Paul. You don’t even need a passport anymore.

Later, Mama had a “not a shower” for Jennie with B&B ladies whilst I was growling with a plastic mask on my head, bellyful of Shamrock shake making me sluggishly numb. We had his requested dinner of spaghetti with eggplant and a rousing game of Bad Pizza after the tiger hunt of dad.

5. Five. Just sounds so much older, some kind of milestone. We have a 5- year-old son. Wow. He’s maturing faster lately. This winter/spring we’ve noticed big changes as has his pre-school teacher. Not like he’s shaving yet or anything, I mean, I barely do that yet.

Happy Birthday, Pablo. We love you, little man.

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