Make Mine Marvel


Doodles has been in bed for ten minutes. Usually he is out pretty fast and we would be hearing snoring or heavy breathing at the least. His door is open as he sits in bed and listens to Pablo have stories read to him. 

Doodles: (loudly to whomever is around) “Guess what…”

Mama: (pause, not wanting to illicit more bedtime chatter) “What?”

Doodles: “Superman is on Batman’s side.”

El Jefe tries not to laugh. Pablo nods in agreement in bed. 

Doodles: “And Spider-man is on Wolverine’s side.”

Ten minutes later no one is sleeping or watching a movie yet. The boys are at the table eating diced peaches because they suddenly got hungry. Guess it’ll be a late movie tonight.

Jefe is just proud that Doodles was right. The fresh 3 year old is already differentiating between D.C. and Marvel. Plus I’ve already seen the movie.

Pablo: “Dad, what did your grandpa look like?”

I don’t see sleep coming anytime soon. Speaking of which, I’ve been up almost every night between 3:15am-4:45am for the past week. It’s actually worked out okay because the dream like book I’m reading for Books & Bars has been pretty perfect for that time frame and half-awake mindset. Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami will be covered by our club on April 14th. For more info see:

And I thought I could separate this blog from B&B.


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