Yelling into a Dark Cave & Infinity plus 1

Hi, I am always happy and surprised to hear of someone new reading my blog.

Please leave a comment if you can, because otherwise it’s like yelling into a dark cave. 

Doodles likes to dress up and march around the house to The Imperial March Theme from Star Wars. He wears a hat and moon boots. He also casts the rest of us in his play.

Doodles: “Dad, you’re Darth Vader. I’m an Imperial soldier.”

Jefe: “Who’s Mama?”

Doodles: “She’s a Tauntaun. But a good guy one.”


Pablo makes it clear who he is when watching any show or reading any book.

Pablo: “I’m all of those soldiers. Plus two more and one more.”

I think this is like the old infinity plus one trick. He is claiming what is to him the highest amount of things possible, plus two more…and one more. So, Pablo is:

a. all of those

b. plus 2 more 

c. and 1 more

= infinity plus 3?

I don’t know if there is a syndrome or complex to explain how he projects himself to be more than one being, but he is all of anything with a weapon, uniform, or something manly or cool…

plus two more


one more



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3 responses to “Yelling into a Dark Cave & Infinity plus 1

  1. Roxie

    I have just the thing for you and S, I found it in a box of my old stuff.

  2. Fisher

    This is just to say, I hear your echo in the dark cave, Jefe.

    Good, good stuff.

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