Our first Youtube video.

Just testing it out here. I know the quality is sub-par, but am only using my Canon Powershot for speed and ease. I think this short clip gives you an idea of our day if you repeat this 99 times.



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3 responses to “Our first Youtube video.

  1. Nice – I would have a similar video, if I would ever pick up the camera. I can almost hear Soul Coughing’s Circles, if the lyric were “run” instead of “walk”.

  2. Balie

    A mobile home! Hilarious. So much more luxurious than a simple camper.

    It’s my policy never to yell into a dark cave. First I approach silently with a slingshot held behind my back. Then I listen for sounds: bats swooping around, hobos rifling through their hobo bindles, scientists cloning chimps. If I hear nothing, I set my Speak & Spell at the mouth of the cave and press the “GO” button as I’m running away. The whole process could take weeks.

    J. Casey’s future trophy wife

  3. Jess

    Note to self: do not watch these videos at work if you don’t want to explain to your coworkers why you’re laughing hysterically at your desk.

    LOVE the choice of headgear on Pablo. Love it. I also like how he sets the scene of a mobile home on the ocean. So affordable!

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