The Dickensian Aspect

I used to always say Six Feet Under and now I can add The Wire when asked what my favorite TV drama of all time is. And you would be surprised how often people ask me. They ask what I do, my favourite colour, and then they hit me with, hey, what’s your favorite one-hour TV drama of all-time?

The Wire season 5 delved into the media and specifically newspapers. The publisher of The Baltimore Sun is looking for the Dickensian aspect in their stories to win a Pulitzer. And The Wire does achieve a Dickens-like level of richness in character and capturing a place and time in our history. It really was like a very nuanced novel unfolding over 5 years. But I experienced it all just this winter and early spring. Now I’m bursting to discuss with others who’ve finished this epic saga. Have you? Can we talk?

Otherwise, there’s no point in going on with this. You’ve either seen it or not…yet.

You will. You should. A friend once suggested The Wire as required viewing for all politicians, city officials and police. I would add parents to that list. Season 4 was probably the most emotionally effective for me as it dealt with the reason why these urban youth end up on the street corners. It may sound silly, but it’s important and informative for a work of fiction. Many of the story lines were reality based from Baltimore’s police and journalists.

A lot has been said, and more eloquently, about The Wire. But it never won many awards. It’s a show that wasn’t given its due in its day, but seems to be getting a lot of attention now that it’s all available on DVD. Just take the time someday and watch it all. You’ll feel like you’re learning something. All the pieces matter.
Everything is connected.


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