Books & Boys

Chico Bon Bon (think his name is slight Soul Coughing reference? "Super Bon Bon"?

Their current fave book was: Monkey with a Tool Belt and the Noisy Problem
(Thanks and Happy Birthday, Jess)

Until they found our Shag art books, now Pablo is fascinated by the prints and asking about what an artist does.
Very interesting development for a boy who doesn’t like to hold a pencil or crayon for too long.

Pablo’s big bedtime book choice last night was Bottomless Cocktail: The Art of Shag.


This is a bit odd perhaps, but makes some sense due to the cartoonish and childlike nature of some of the subjects. Also we have Pink Panther 40th anniversary posters done by Shag, but…well, most of the prints have a very 60s-70s swingin’ cocktail bar vibe. More Rat Pack than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. But hey, whatever gets the lad interested in the project. He attempted to draw the sport coated animals and other fun juxtapositions he saw here. So I need to explain Shriners (probably likes the fez) and martinis, etc. Small price to pay.

Doodles’ book has been Where the Wild Things Are. Last night he insisted on seeing the film trailer before going to bed.
And we even sampled the audio book version. Why would you make an audio book that is 6 minutes long? The movie looks pretty great even though it’s been rumored to have had a bumpy ride.

But we adults should be reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami.
We’ll be discussing it on Tuesday at Books & Bars. See the Books & Bars forum for an early peak.


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  1. Thanks Jeff!!!

    Books available at and your local bookseller.

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