Ix-nay on the azi-nay

Forgive me. I never learned Pig Latin. Our school couldn’t fund the program.

Pablo continued his “dress for the job you want” gig by wearing an Indiana Jones fedora to Cherub Choir.

Indy fedora, other accessories optional

Indy fedora, other accessories optional

I dropped Pablo off at Choir and went to the liquor store with Doodles (for the free lollies). When we returned for the pick up, the instructor, Mrs. Kirk, told me she instantly recognized his attire. She asked Pablo about it.

Mrs. Kirk: Oh, what a nice Indiana Jones hat!

Mrs. Kirk told me she expected to hear about digging in the dirt.

Pablo: Yeah, my brother Doodles is a Nazi and I have to stop him from stealing Marion.

Mrs Kirk (to Jefe): Well, it was just another surprise from Pablo.

What to do? Lego Indiana Jones makes the Nazis cute little guys,
though they have cut the swastikas.



I tried to explain how it’s become difficult when your sons love all things army, soldier and gun. And that those things happen to be Nazi in the Indy films. When you and your boys already look a bit Aryan, very blond and blue-eyed, it makes for awkward public displays.

Blond & Blue

Blond & Blue

Doodles: I’m the Nazi soldier!

Jefe: No, please don’t say Nazi. They’re…um, say Germans.

Doodles: Germans are bad guys!

Jefe: Yes, no, well, not anymore. Not all Germans were bad guys. Uh, can we play Clone Troopers again?

At least with Star Wars and Clone Troopers you can say blaster (or “bee-yuer”!) instead of gun. And being the Empire is much less offensive.


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  1. “I like World War II!” — Doodles, whilst watching a cartoon of Captain America fighting the Germans.

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