Critickle is a new venture with a couple other entertainment writers. You can see it on the sidebar widget here to the right —>

Reviews you’ll actually read. 140 characters or less on latest music, film, shows and more. Follow us on Twitter and give feedback, disagree, and request.


Critickle on Twitter

Critickle on Twitter



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3 responses to “Critickle

  1. Katie

    I’m not ready to bite on the Twitter (ooh, that sounds bad)

    • I understand some are not interested in Twitter per se. But Critickle will progress beyond just being on Twitter. For now you can at least read our reviews on this blog’s widget or by going to the our page.
      You don’t have to sign up or be a member to read. Thanks for reading.
      And to your other point, The Hater and I share common book interest. He is a Books & Bars member. Maybe some film, but not as much about music, no.

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