Circle Theory

My Circle Theory goes something like this:

Artists you like, like other artists you like.

Maybe it’s a band you liked in 80s. Now a band you like in the ‘oughts is covering them. Or it’s also there’s nothing new under the sun, so we’re all doing the reuse ‘n recycle idea. When you get to the “spot-the-reference- point” in life whilst listening to new music, you can’t hear anything new without thinking what it reminds you of from the past.

Another aspect of the Circle Theory states:

If we (you and I) are big fans of one artist, we probably agree on many other artists.

It’s why I used to pick my friends based almost as much on what they liked vs. what they were like.
I think this may have been expressed in Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity.

I was looking at Pitchfork’s Top 500 list today and saw this which sparked the post:

Classic chill song* perfection even with the short shorts.
I’ve often said upon hearing one like this, “Top 100 Songs. Ever.”
Poi Dog Pondering used to do a stellar live version of it and also covered The Replacements’ Can’t Hardly Wait, too. My Circle Theory in action.

I’ve been doing a much better job of not basing friendships solely on a mutual fandom, but it’s still a great place to start. I pride myself on any friendships that can last with no music or movies connection to them. If we don’t have the same taste in those and are still friends…Well, kudos to you, you magnificent bastard! You must have a lot of other redeeming qualities.

Are you a list maker/reader like me and the characters in High Fidelity?
Do you believe in the Circle Theory?

*(see Soundtrack of Your Life post for more)



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4 responses to “Circle Theory

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  2. Dig

    I agree with you on the Circle Theory. The only thing is that sometimes the original is jsut beyond good and no matter what the others try to do, it leaves me flat. But perhaps this is worse in that I didn’t appreciate the original as much as I should have at the time. With my age brings wisdom and solid nostalgia.

    • Yeah, a time and place and age you are, where you are in life all play huge factors in what resonates most. Hence why what you hear or read first may mean more in the long run. Circle Theory doesn’t just apply to covers. Listen to what is popular in indie or alt rock circles (heh) now and pick the references. I hear a lot of Joy Division/New Order and The Cure lately. You? Anyone else?

    • And more children…good luck…hope you are ready and feeling good.

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