Worker guys

Maybe it’s my lack of a uniform or a “manly” job, but any type of “worker guy” who performs a service at our home fascinates my kids. Almost like these workers must be cooler than Dad because he needed their help. He called them! (I’m not…handy.) They loved Dana the locksmith, Norm the electrician, Joe the electrician (a ringer with a mustache) Jim the plumber, Yuriy (sic) the plumber, Ken the handyman, Kevin the tile guy, but oddly not Kevin the other plumber.

Dana, the locksmith, cracked me up the other day. We wanted one key to work on all our doors, not the previous four we had to use, different for each lock. Dana showed up full of vim and vigor, a spitfire of older man energy rarely seen in these here parts.

Dana: So, one key to rule them all! You’ll make this your own Middle Earth. He he he.
Like one ring…Lord of the Rings, heh.

Jefe: Yeah, one key to open them all, right.

Doodles: He has a funny voice!

Awkward, but he did. Kids don’t lie about certain things. It was one of those high-pitched voices that seems like he is doing an impression of a cartoon character. Dana had the delivery of Murray from Flight of the Conchords, if on a helium balloon bender.

Pablo and Doodles love showing their toys to the worker guys. Usually Pablo will lean in and whisper, “Can I tell him about my Transformers?”
Doodles will run up and shove a Clone in his face, saying “Look, Commander Rex!”

Yuriy (sic) the plumber had a bit of a language barrier, sure, but for a guy who claimed to have two sons; he seemed to have never seen plastic toys made in China. He looked completely blankly at Doodles offerings of police car and policeman. Maybe he was frightened that we were threatening him. (What they charged us was robbery.)

You never know when you call a company and wait for that worker guy to show up. Sometimes you strike gold with a Dana or get a dud like Yuriy or Kevin, the plumbers.


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