Random Quotes

I can hear the...lake?

I can hear the...lake?


Pablo: Dad, you know what?

Jefe: What?

Pablo: Wanna see something awesome?

Jefe: Always.


Pablo: You hurt my feelings.

Mama: I’m sorry.

Pablo: Sorry is not enough.


Pablo falls down.

Pablo: Dad, kiss it. It hurts. Kiss my butt. Kiss it!

Jefe: (kisses hand and pats Pablo’s buttocks)

Pablo: Nooooo, kiss my butt!

Jefe: (lightly, reluctantly, puckers up and plants one on the panted-buttocks)

Yes, people, to be a good Dad, you have to kiss a little ass, literally.

poster at a party

poster at a party



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3 responses to “Random Quotes

  1. Karen

    Let’s hope Pablo forgets that you kissed his a## this early in life. Love it.

  2. Emily

    Just wanted to share yet another mustache-related gem from Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24032520

  3. I’ve forced a fetish on myself. Reminds me of another post I’ve been saving…thanks.

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