Pablo: 5

Pablo woke up today like it was Christmas or Easter. He was so excited partially because he woke up still wearing his new Clone Trooper costume from Oma.

Other fave gifts so far are binoculars, Brewers cap, Cyclops from X-Men, a tiger mask (of course I was a hunted tiger today), and hopefully the walkie talkies, among others. He’s had family stopping by over the last few days, but his first big kid BD party is scheduled for next week.

We had a family trip out-of-town to St. Paul. Pablo request going to a museum on his birthday. Today’s thunderstorms cooperated nicely. Our first time at the Children’s Museum was a big hit. Pablo’s favorite was wearing a hard hat, loading fake packages and pretend driving a truck from the “toy” factory. We had never seen him so animated, fast, persistent and determined. It was hilarious because if he was actually doing that kind of job for money, I’m sure it would be in slo-mo with no vim and vigor, tons of backaches and complaints, etc. The ant-farm was fun with both kids dressing up as ants and crawling around in the tunnels. Also the bus driver and water stations with boat races, really most of the exhibits. Definitely going to go back there sometime soon, probably a free third Sunday bad weather trip. So nice to get all the way out of town to the foreign land of St. Paul. You don’t even need a passport anymore.

Later, Mama had a “not a shower” for Jennie with B&B ladies whilst I was growling with a plastic mask on my head, bellyful of Shamrock shake making me sluggishly numb. We had his requested dinner of spaghetti with eggplant and a rousing game of Bad Pizza after the tiger hunt of dad.

5. Five. Just sounds so much older, some kind of milestone. We have a 5- year-old son. Wow. He’s maturing faster lately. This winter/spring we’ve noticed big changes as has his pre-school teacher. Not like he’s shaving yet or anything, I mean, I barely do that yet.

Happy Birthday, Pablo. We love you, little man.


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