I thought this was Balloon Fight. But of course, it’s not.

You can try to be highbrow about it, but a well-placed fart noise is genius. Atomic Farts is a free application for the iPhone. I’ve used this to diffuse many a meltdown, fight or other situation crying for distractions. On the way to St. Paul (Again, we go out-of-town so much) for the Arbor Day Party the boys were fighting in the car. Mama and I were getting really annoyed. I pulled out the iPhone and fired-up fake farts till we were all laughing and even requesting our favorites. All the fart sounds have names. It’s a lot funnier when you know them. Pablo’s fave is “Couldn’t Hold it Any Longer”. I prefer “U-Turn”. Check out the “Princess” for realism. (Ladies, we know you do it, too.) There isn’t a fart called balloon so that’s 5-year-old creativity in action for you already. You can hear “The U-Turn” and others in this clip below (note: the app is free) Imagine the possibilities: parties, elevators, book clubs, church, etc.


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