Monthly Mix – April 09

When it rains it pours. March and April were big for new music. Here’s the April ’09 mix. As always, if interested in a mix for your listening pleasure, please comment here.
4 Apr 09

Lyrics that stood out for obvious (or not so obvious) reasons:
“Like a fool” (April)
“Follow your birthday with the end is near”
“All of my old friends aren’t so friendly”
“Run it up the flagpole/See if they salute”
“Die a little every day”
“Did some favors for some guys who looked like Tusken Raiders”

“Little Secrets” will remind me of the first 80 degree day and kickball game of the year.

The song “Two” hit me hard, right place and time, death of someone I knew.

For more on these tunes see our review site Critickle.

Check out the local band Caroline Smith and The Good Night Sleeps


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