Film Review: Neither Trekkie or Trekker

Hi, we're Spock and Kirk: Generation Y

Hi, we're Spock and Kirk: Generation Y

Saw an advance screening of the new Star Trek movie by Lost creator, J.J. Abrams. I never cared a bit about the series or movies, though I do recall liking Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. This made me the target market (finally feeling targeted again)
as the studio tries to revamp the series for a new audience. “This is Star Trek designed for people who don’t actually like Star Trek, ” some anal Trekkies have been heard to grumble. Fine, so that makes this one good, funny, action packed (sky-diving: best), and with a likable cast. I recommend it and predict it’ll do well.

Time travel is a major component of the story just like in Lost. It makes me wonder if there are clues to where Lost may end up based on how Abrams dealt with changing time here. There were many of the old time travel rules broken, which was very interesting and unique.

Spock seemed to be the main character/most developed, but Kirk was fleshed out, too. Simon Pegg as Scottie was a good turn and Bones was really likable aping the lines from the old days that anyone could recognize.

Overall grade: B+

I hope Wolverine is good. We’ll see.



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2 responses to “Film Review: Neither Trekkie or Trekker

  1. Eli Houghton

    But is it funny/lighthearted at all? The trailer makes it seem like the movie takes itself so seriously. That was much of the enjoyment of the original series, it was campy and knew it.

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