The next family movie (in theaters)

Pablo: Dad, sometime can you be a night guard a museum?

Jefe: You want me to get a job as museum security guard?

Pablo: Yeah, sometime would you do that?

Jefe: So, you want me to be like Larry (Ben Stiller) in Night at the Museum?

Pablo: Yeah!

Ben Stiller is well recognized among all ages from your grandparents who loved the Fockers to you who liked his show and Zoolander to your kids who love the Museums and Madagascars. Pablo saw him in a Madagascar behind-the-scenes clip and shouted, “Dad, it’s Larry!” Smart career moves even if you lost your indie cred.



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3 responses to “The next family movie (in theaters)

  1. Hayley

    Just wanted to remind you that I work for a company that contracts security officers. I think we have security officers at the MIA sometimes.

  2. By the way, the bad review dampened our small flame for this one in theaters. We opted for Up 3-D instead. Up is one of the best animated films I’ve seen. It’s certainly the most emotionally moving one, too. Absolutely loved it and recommend that for all ages ASAP in 3-D. Overall grade: A or maybe even an A+

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