And now, your M.R. Zen

Like the end of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I’ll be posting videos that need no description or explanation.
You watch.
You have a Mustache Robot Zen moment.
You comment.



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4 responses to “And now, your M.R. Zen

  1. Courtney

    just giggles on this end.

  2. Jess K.

    This is a bold statement to make, but this is quite possibly my favorite video so far. And maybe ever.

  3. Awesome, thanks guys. Hey, can you help me come up with a better name for the M.R. Moment of Zen? Something that conveys that same idea, gets that point across, but is all Mustache Robot.

    Here’s your Bright Side?

    Other ideas?

  4. All mustache-related concepts should be run by your American Mustache Institute at:

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