What happens when adults take children’s games seriously

I joined a Friday night dodgeball league at the MLK rec center. The balls are smaller than you may remember as a child, but they fly much faster. They don’t hurt when you get hit, though the few I’ve taken Pelé style have momentarily stunned. Especially when they were more of a facer than a header. Our team, Ball Crushers, plays against others like The Incrediballs, Team Murphy, and Venezuela. Here are some clips from last week’s game. I instructed Mama to capture me early before I got all red-faced and sweaty. She caught some good hits, dodges, throws, and a win, if I dare toot this well-worn horn o’ mine. You’ll notice my technique of trying to hit the women first and also going after someone right after they’ve thrown and are off-balance. Still working on the catching, but dodging is key.
Anyone else play?

If you can’t tell, I’m having a blast. Love it. Very happy to have been asked to join the team.


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