Bright Sides


Nice weather may be detrimental to good blogging and writing in general. The material may be richer, but the desire or time to document it is much less. That said, let’s just sit back and watch these soothing or mildly amusing clips. Bright Sides? Still looking for a “moment of zen” type moniker for these. Suggestions?

metrodome future

Shannon visited from SF

Shannon visited from SF



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3 responses to “Bright Sides

  1. Jess K.

    You could call them “Bright Side Bits.”

    • Maybe I’ll try that, just got another really bright one to share. Thanks.

    • Which of these is the best name for short video (moment of zen category)/or do you have a better one?

      Bright Bits
      Bright Scenes
      Bright Sides
      Bright Side Scenes
      Bright Side Bits
      Side Scenes
      Scenes from the Bright Side

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