Assuming you’re not a comic geek, I’ll tell you that’s the sound made when Spider-Man releases webs from his wrist web-shooters. My friend, Roxie, did a series of prints based on comic book action-sound exclamations. When she asked me for word ideas this one was the first which sprang to my mind. It’s been a favorite for Doodles. He always makes the hand gesture, which resembles what you might hold up at an Ozzy concert.
“Is this what a thwip looks like? Is this a thwip?”

Roxie celebrated her birthday yesterday (and will again today).
Remember to support the local artists you know. Soon, you’ll have a great chance with another new venture from our creative collective, Uptown Market.

ours! get your own!

ours! get your own!


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  1. Courtney

    it’s so much fun to watch yer boys interact with each other. It reminds me how important those sibling relationships are. Thanks for the window. I especially like the kite flying and aquarium faces… keeps me giggling. Thanks!

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