PJ Day

“Don’t call it nursery school. That’s for babies” – Pablo

It was Pajama Day at Pablo’s pre-school which meant all the kids and teachers wore pajamas to/fro’ and during the day. I was the only parent who decided to also show up in pajamas (same as last year).

The teachers honored it by allowing me into the private sanctum for a photo shoot. Doodles also played along this time and a few parents said they wished they did. Maybe they will next year if they get another chance. Why wouldn’t you go out for half a day in jammies if you knew it would bolster school spirit? And make a little boy’s heartlight shine just that much brighter for a day.

Jefe: Who had the silliest jammies at school today?

: You, Dad.

I wasn’t fishing for that answer, really, but it warmed the cockles on this otherwise rough day. (Had a lot of video editing and uploading problems for Books & Bars.)

PJ Day

Mrs. Healy said I never disappoint and Mrs. Kuehn said I was “the best”.
Honestly, that was totally worth it. For all the times I feel like Bad Dad, a little of this goes a long way. I feel I just made the grade like my 5 year-old-peers.

See the frenetic (as per usual) exit from car/entrance race to pre-school:

Hear Doodles’ theme song:



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2 responses to “PJ Day

  1. Kelly

    Jeff – that’s awesome! You know that he’s going to remember that day forever! “Remember when you were the only parent to wear your PJs to my school?” I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of your school spirit… can’t wait to see more!

    By the way, I told a friend of mine about Books and Bars. He lives in Minny, not too far from where you host it. I’ll check in to see if he was there.

    Hope you’re doing well!

    • A mother of one of Pablo’s friends just told me that the last thing they discussed before bed was Pablo’s dad in his PJs and robe. They enjoyed it.

      Tell your MN friend to find us on Facebook or on our mailing list at Books & Bars and then say hi/introduce. June 9th, and every second Tues.

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