Terminator: Will you care?


Terminator: Salvation has awesome action sequences, but when they stop, the clunky acting and directing (McG) is a go. Christian Bale is extremely unlikable in the lead and Anton Yelchin appears to be doing a bad Bale impression since he plays his teenage father (time travel complications). Bryce Dallas Howard is wasted, but the jury is still out on whether she has ever lived up to her hype. At its best it recalls the vehicular action of The Road Warrior. The new Terminators are really eye catching and a few of the thrilling set pieces are first rate, but by the final act there’s a been-there- done-that-who-cares feeling which prevails on leaving the theater. See it for Sam Worthington, the special effects, if interested in bombastic action and the series in general. But if you’re already not sure you care, this won’t change your mind. It’s numbing entertainment for the summertime, but pretty bleak, dark and grittier than the last couple in the series. We all know Everyone Poops and in summer blockbusters Everything Blows-up. Missing the fun and humor, it’ll give you less a reason to return.

Grade: McB


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Filed under Adults (kid-free), movies

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