School’s out for summer

Tomorrow is the last day of Pablo’s pre-school. I don’t know how we’re going to handle it. I am scrambling to get a few things done before I know I can’t.
This is what he and his classmates want to do this summer:


And today was red, white and blue day at school. At least one other parent participated with me this time. (Baby steps.) Another parent said she heard about me in the robe and jammies and was sorry she missed it. I said, there’s always the blog.

But what do I want to do this summer? Let’s look at what’s coming up on the iCal.
Brewers/Twins, kickball (!), Houghton BBQs, our new BBQ space, Grand Old Day, concerts (some of my fave bands), 10 Second Film Festival (entering a few Bright Asides) dodgeball, Books & Bars, Liz and Turf’s wedding in Oak Park, St. Paul Saints, park playdates, Prior Lake, and my first (not the year obviously) high school reunion in Milwaukee. Hopefully we’ll fit another weekend getaway from Pablo and Doodles in the schedule, too.

This past weekend we attended the LynLake Festival and Art-A-Whirl and then the LynLake Festival again. Not the most economical planning, but at least we live near LynLake. I got to hear local buzz band, Solid Gold, whilst the boys loved the Strider bike race set up in the middle of Lyndale…

…so much so that we bought a couple used Striders the next day.

Swimming pools, squirt guns, and watermelon on tap for today.
What about you and your summer? Hope to see you outside soon.



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2 responses to “School’s out for summer

  1. Katie

    What exactly are your Prior Lake plans? Do you remember that my parents live on Prior Lake?
    Where did you purchase your used Striders? I clicked on the link, and am now quite intrigued, as Bennett refuses to pedal any type of bike.

    We discovered St Louis Park pool at the end of last summer, so might try that a time or too (there is a zero entry pool and a huge sand area with nice shade). Annalise is doing a few of the Southwest Super Summer programs through community ed (I think Heather T. signed Zach up as well).

  2. Do you remember that P&D’s Nana and Papa live on Prior Lake? Plans include swimming, boating, fishing, Mike’s Hard Lime and Lemonade. – The Alt was selling used Striders after the fest. They may still have a couple available.

    I’d be down with trying the SLP. Let’s take advantage of our proximity before you leave for a less urban abode.

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