Great Expectations vs. The Grab Bag

Have you ever liked a band for years without seeing them live? Your expectations run really high for what they might play. You have a dream set list in your head or maybe you even made a best of mix CD. The band may have more than a few albums already to pick songs from so it becomes a grab bag of riches. You’re happy to hear many, but wish they would play certain ones. In the past I’d judge a show unfairly if an artist skipped my faves live. Now I’ve grown to appreciate the grab bag and enjoy the ones they do without dwelling on what I may have missed. It’s difficult to let it go, but as Doodles would sing, look on the bright side.

May 28, 2009

Finally saw the band Doves live in concert last night. They’re the last of a trio (Badly Drawn Boy and Phoenix) of artists I got into in 2000 which remind me of living in Los Angeles among other things.

The show was great overall. I’m especially enamored of films/images being projected on a screen whilst a band plays. It sets a tone, gives more ambience and also helps a band that’s not jumping off the risers doing high kicks. Good to hang with Andy, Alex, Chad, Kay, Jesse, Bradford and celebrate Steph’s birthday.

set list

Yes, the set list was missing a lot of older ones, but the new ones sounded even better than the record. After previously raving up my fave venue, The Varsity Theater, it was too hot and crowded. They’ve been renovating it, so I’ll reserve final judgement till completed. We’ll be back for Phoenix on June 23.

Here’s a link to Doves live/interview with Mary Lucia on The Current.

Next big show: Metric at First Ave on June 13th. Watch for the review.



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5 responses to “Great Expectations vs. The Grab Bag

  1. But I like jumping off the risers doing high kicks.

  2. Kate

    Did I ever tell you about going backstage at a Doves show? It really pays to have a cute Asian girl as your college roommate.

  3. Which is good since We Became Actors probably can’t afford a sweet film projection system at their shows…yet.

  4. And doesn’t the main lead singer, feat. in second clip resemble Noah G?

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