Infinite Summer

Before Books & Bars book club, back in Los Angeles over ten years ago, a group of friends tried to read a book together. The book was Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, weighing in at almost 1,100 pages with albout 100 of those being footnotes. Some of these friends lived across the country, some lived in the same city, but none finished the big book, except for one. And it wasn’t me. Now we all have a chance to try again with people from all over the world.

Anyone up for a challenge? Like Books & Bars summer school extra credit?
We’ve almost ten people on board already.
Details on June 1, but you don’t have to decide to start until June 21st.

Check out what B&B member Doubtful Guest wrote about his fave book.

Anyone second the motion? Think about it and check the details on Monday, June 1st. Then please tell us if you are in at or comment on Mustache Robots or Facebook.

I will dare if you will dare.



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2 responses to “Infinite Summer

  1. Dig

    If I can get a copy in time, I’m in. I’ve got some spare time to read somewhere along the month, I hope!

  2. Dignan, did you get one? I count these people in so far:
    The 25 people I see as possibly IN. Let me know if anyone else is doing it, too.

    Jeff Kamin
    Eli Houghton
    Mary Margaret
    Beth Dingmann
    Chris Bezek (Text)
    Carter Maxwell
    Henry (Doubtful Guest)
    Dan Herman
    Elise Christenson
    Eden Brukman
    Jen – which one?
    Superlibby – real name?
    Kari H
    Omman H
    BlahBlahBlah – real name?
    Softyelectric – ACK – real name?
    Mike Herman? Are you in?
    Girl Detective – real name?
    Beth the Knitter

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