Staff Of Kings Widget

Was already excited for this date because of Bonk at Books & Bars.

But I just found out I will also be able to do this.
Crack that whip.

This is maybe the first new Wii game I have been excited about in over a year. (Also want to check out Boom Blox Bash Party.) Sounds promising. Hope it delivers. The ability to use your Wiimote as a whip alone may be worth it for me.

[clearspring_widget title=”Staff Of Kings Widget” wid=”4a0382f2fd7a3047″ pid=”4a23e728e913bfc5″ width=”300″ height=”250″ domain=””]


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One response to “Staff Of Kings Widget

  1. Enthusiasm curbed.

    I just can’t believe any hype, anymore, ever, it seems. Oh well, we have many games we’ve barely had time to play. Back to the drawing board. My next high hopes are pinned on the advance screening of Away We Go tomorrow night. Watch here for the review.

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