Uptown Kickball: Game 2 – Joose

For game 2 of the 2009 season, Uptown Kickball’s loose theme was Joose or similar bad malt or wine beverages.

Joose tastes like Children’s Motrin if you chased it by licking a battery or piece of foil. It’s a malt beverage energy drink with 9.9% alcohol content made in Cold Spring, MN. You don’t have to support everything local. If forced to pick one, I find orange the least despicable of the flavours. As for performance enhancing energy? Well, see Xian’s Mariah Carey routine in the video as he relates his first experience with the awful-aftertasting malt beverage. Would you drink it now? Would you drink it on a boat? With a goat?
I do not like green Joose, or purple or red.

Commissioner (and sweet dude) Jim Schloemer reported the final stats:

(Colon) Overblow – 4
Ribbed (For Her Pleasure) – 2

“Game MVP: Ryan Harris – because he showed damn fine teamwork/sportsmanship (way to back people up like a boss!) and versatility on the field. Kudos to you!” —
and to you, Mr. Jim for being the fine leader of our sport.

Note: Our official team name was actually
RBI’ed (For Her Pleasure) BuntF’ers 9.9%

Because we don’t believe in intentional bunting in kickball.
Next time we’ll expend less effort on nombre and mucho mas on kicks n’ catches.

We were happy to welcome many newcomers including Jess K., Elli and Kate among others, not sure who were all first timers. But as you can see from the group photo we’re bursting at the seams with chewy friend goodness.
Another reason to see the video is for Kate and Elli’s “recalibration” bar signals.
UK 6/3/09

After the game, Uptown Kickball sang the night away doing karaoke at Country Bar. I jumped in for a duet with a stranger doing Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”. I also went back to my roots for a falsetto rendition of “Kiss” by Prince.

If possible, it was even more fun than the first game. The bar is set really high for the summer and I think we’re going to clear it easily. Let’s jump.



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2 responses to “Uptown Kickball: Game 2 – Joose

  1. Jess K.

    I had a great time at Uptown Kickball. Two thumbs way up!

    Drinking the grape Joose was akin to being slapped in the mouth with one of those giant purple pixie sticks, except it’s been soaked in grape schnapps. And shame.

    Love the part of the video where you bust Xian talking about a Mariah Carey dance party! Excellent!

  2. I am leaving the Joose alone for a while. Oh, Mimi.

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