A Tale of Two Tots

L to R: Doodles, Cousin D, Pablo

At five and three years old, it’s interesting to see the other differences between the two boys who are often mistaken for twins upon first meeting.

Pablo and Doodles have very different morning styles.
Pablo would stay in jammies all day unless prompted to do otherwise.
The first thing Doodles says upon opening his eyes in the morning:
“MOM! Get me dressed!”

Pablo usually waits to eat till he really feels hungry or is done playing.
Soon after dressing, Doodles wants to eat lunch type foods (peanut butter and bread) if offered.


Pablo seems less inclined to sports, except for pitching baseballs. He really doesn’t want to hit, run, or catch. He only wants to pitch.
Doodles likes to bat a ball. So at least that works out for playing together.

Pablo is short for his age (40%). Doodles is 98th percentile for height.
Pablo and Doodles are both thin, but Doodles already has a muscular shape
to his legs.

Birth order probably plays a big part in their personality differences. Pablo can either be very social or extremely shy depending on the day and situation. Doodles seems to just jump into most things, literally without looking first most of the time. He has a frightening tendency to run with his head turned backwards.

It’ll be a fun ride to see how they grow, develop and change. Most people say the kids look like mini-Jefes at first. Then they say Pablo looks like Mama and Doodles more like me. It’s fun to see those things through others’ views and also to see the joining of the two of your families in young people.

Anyone else with two children want to speak to their sibling similarities or differences?


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  1. Katie

    Remind me later that I want to comment on the night and day children of mine. I loved reading how you contrasted your two knights!

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