Minimize – play along with me?

are you a packrat or a purger? do you have clutter or clean lines? do you need to do a massive spring cleaning in your house and/or life?

ever since moving into a house and moving again, been trying to become more of a minimizer and less of a collector.

i read something somewhere that seemed to make sense regarding my wanting to have a spring cleaning and purge the house of the clutter and junk.
modifying it for my own challenge, i’ll throw it to you and see if you want to play along. especially those of you with a house and kids.

get rid of one thing a day,
whether you give to a friend, donate, recycle, trash, or sell it.

one a day.

if you bring something new into your house/life, get rid of two that day.
one for each new thing you add. (not counting food/groceries, obviously)

interested? want to chronicle it? maybe i could – along with regular blog posts –
list the item i got rid of each day or even list it here to see if anyone wants/needs it first?

already i got rid of caps in this post. but they’ll be back, i just wanted to try something new.

ok, we’re about to buy a new item to reward doodles for using the potty (first poop on the potty, sorry to you non-parents, but a big day here). so that means today, two things at least have to go out.

this is not as easy as i thought. i just looked around and felt like steve martin at the end of the jerk. i’m gonna take this lampshade…and the dog…walking out naked from the house. couldn’t find the clip on-line yet. you may know what i mean.
anyway, ok, sound interesting? you wanna eliminate your clutter? streamline your life? play along…



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4 responses to “Minimize – play along with me?

  1. Living in a studio has made me ruthless about purging stuff. I imagine it’s much harder with children. I like that William Morris quote- “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Good luck.

  2. Katie

    We’re operating pretty much bare bones right now (for a family of 5), with a house on the market, but I’m intrigued by your challenge. The hardest part I think wouldn’t be finding things to get rid of, it would be the actual arranging a new home part for said thing. I’m going to be VERY selective of what gets to come to the new house, now that I see how well we function without so much STUFF!

  3. latherrinseandrepeat

    All I need is this paddle ball game… this ashtray… this thermos… I love that scene.

    Paring down to the essentials is something I struggle with constantly. Mostly because I live with three people who never want me to get rid of a single thing. Cries of “But I neeeeedeed thaaat…” generally follow my purging sessions. Tough. I do a lot of it on the sneak, say, at night when the family is sleeping.

    It’s universal: whether you have a family or are on your own you probably have too much crap. I’ll be following your progress with interest!

    And: GO DOODLES. Poop is a major focus in our household as well.

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