Uptown Kickball – Facebook Forward

Trying a new video upload and embed using our Uptown Kickball Facebook page. My privacy settings don’t allow it to be embedded here. Now that we have many video and regular cameras shooting the games, I’ll think I’ll keep it on Facebook. If you care enough, join the group there or come out to Painter Park (33rd and Garfield) on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

It was a fun night with the sunlight lasting long as we lingered in the park till about 9:30. We had a higher scoring and more energetic game than the previous two. And I have my first win of the season under my belt. Whew. That’s half of all the times Christian won last season. Hey, it’s about the fun, right, Commish?

Jim said –
Game 03:
The Clitourists – 7 (Bonk inspired and a book that SB has)
The Local Happy Thursdays – 3

Game MVP: Erin ‘Old School’ Erickson Garner – for getting on base every single frickin at-bat, and being an all-around morale booster


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