Away We Go – film review

All I have time for today (sorry no links or clips, but you’re savvy enough to find)
is a brief review since it was an advance screening which releases here today. I should’ve loved this movie. Thirty-somethings, pregnant, written by Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida, directed by Sam Mendes, quirky, funny, indie-ish. It seems like it was made for me and my ilk. I liked it enough, but something was missing. Something didn’t work. It’s not funny enough nor do you care about the characters to be emotionally affected by the drama. There are a few really funny scenes, but overall it was many shots of the two leads with a folky soundtrack by Alexi Murdoch playing over their sad faces. (Not a big fan of the weepy slow acoustic stuff. He’s overrated and the soundtrack is just jammed with his music over the dialogue.) It’s trying to be Garden State and Juno. Many of the characters are unbelievable and not very funny stereotypes. And I wanted to believe. I really did. Is it the ones you have higher hopes for that let you down more? Wish I could be more enthusiastic, but can only say wait for video.

Overall grade: B-, maybe a B…I’m torn about whether I’ll see it again on video and like it more or less. Hmmn.

Summer movies so far:

1. Up 3-D
The Hangover
Star Trek
Away We Go
Terminator: Salvation

Next ones to look forward to are Whatever Works (Woody Allen directing Larry David) and Funny People (Judd Apatow).


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