48 Hour Film Fest – come see Scooterbus on Tues at 9 – Riverview


I made a movie today with a talented crew. We co-wrote and shot it, just wrapped. Editing tomorrow. I’m in it, it’s funny. I think it will be really good.
Come see it? Please?

MINNEAPOLIS 48 Hour Film Project Screening Info:

Our film will be screened:


June 16th




Riverview Theater, 3800 42nd Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN



The group of films that we are apart of:

GROUP B (Tuesday, JUNE 16th at 9:15pm)

3-20-E, Brian Walstad

Above-the-Line Entertainment, Justin Schaack

Colonic Irrigators Local #1138, Joseph Jolten

Eleventh Belly Productions, Tony Czech

The Gramercy Riffs, Keith Langsdorf

Humdinger TV, Kevin Myers

Omega Wolf and Friends, Rhett duPont

Overproof, Derek Bolden

Rabid Panda, Wilson Borchert

Six-Ton Productions, Robert Sidenberg III

Stab Abner Studios, Evan Taylor

Steel Lotus Productions, Daniel Wilson

WAM Style Inc., Frank Mannella


Ticket Passes $40 (7 shows for the price of 5) or large group tickets, may be purchased online through the producer of the festival Ira’s PAYPAL account email him for invoice and total number of tickets in purchase at ira.livingston@gmail.com

Or can be bought at the door of the RIVERVIEW THEATER that night!

If you have questions let me know,


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One response to “48 Hour Film Fest – come see Scooterbus on Tues at 9 – Riverview

  1. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=81279458195#/event.php?eid=81279458195

    Audience votes on favorite film so we could really use your support for Scooterbus.
    What’s a Scooterbus? Find out Tues at 9p. Thanks.

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