Wow. Metric at First Ave. Maybe I should have posted more from them earlier so you would have gone to the show, but enough of you (R, Jesse, Xian, Rox, Amber, Abby, Erin) did anyway and were treated to, as Pablo might say, a titillating time. My fave concert of the year so far. This one was a blast. Going to be hard to top.

Emily Haines of Metric at L.A. show

Emily Haines is practically aerobic during their whole set. She combines post punk lyrical couplets like “Buy this car to go to work. Go to work to pay for this car. (repeat)” with an surpassed strut and swagger.

“Sick Muse” and a few others like “Twilight Galaxy” and “Front Row” sounded better live than on the album, Fantasies (my second fave of the year so far).
The energetic bandmates fly through this souped-up take on an already great rocker, now made rocket.

Stadium Love – our whole family loves this one. Listen to the lyrics.
At First Ave they declared it their/our new anthem: Metric and fans. I’d been dying to hear it live and it was a fist-pumping-chant-along.

Next up…Phoenix (current fave record of the year) at Varsity on June 23.
This will give you an idea of how close I want to stand for this one. Like the old days. R reminded me of how we always used to have stand front and usually center. Now we’re usually content to be in back, elevated and near the bar. But if Napoleon Says…



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2 responses to “Metric

  1. Great–someone wrote about the First Ave show! I was in minnie for the end of May/beginning of June for Santigold and YYY’s, but missed this one. I caught them last night in NYC, they were great. They were definitely not better than YYY’s at 1st Ave, but Emily is so endearing on stage.

    I totally agree that most of the songs off Fantasies sound better live than recorded, but the album still has its share of weak tracks in my opinion. Hoping to catch Phoenix next week too. Lucky mn, you get to see them at the varsity, the small-ass club in dinkytown.

  2. Yes, tomorrow night: Phoenix. In my opinion, the album of the year and sure to be a memorable show. I’ve seen them before and was totally blown away. Review to follow.
    I liked Metric more than you did, Geoff, but I’m a big fan of Fantasies. I think it’s their most cohesive and solid record.

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