Scooterbus: promo materials & process

I went from being excited to nervous to hesitant to excited again on this project. I have not seen the final yet, but hear it’s great. We got the assignment, genre, character, prop, and a line of dialogue on Friday night. Wrote till Sat morning around 7am. Started shooting at 10am. Improvised a lot of our lines. It was a very collaborative process. If you weren’t acting, maybe you were a grip or a director for a scene. We wrapped shooting Sat eve and editing began. There were a few more shots to get Sunday morning and the editing, titles, music, everything had to be done and submitted by Sunday night: 48 Hour Film Project.
Did I mention I did all my own stunts?

I hope you can see the premiere Tues at 9 with R and me.
The actors are encourage to be in their costumes. It should be really fun.

You’re invited:

We need audience votes to try to win favorite film.

Check out what our producer, Derek Bolden, whipped up in time for the screening invite.



So, what is a Scooterbus? Find out tomorrow night.

Worse case scenario, I hope it ends up on-line in the next few weeks, too. We’ll see.
But if you can make it, we need your support.

Would I do it again? I’d do it next month if I could. Maybe I will. It reminded me of being with my improv troupes back in L.A. like IO West. I love a team sport even if it’s more of an art. Ensemble comedy is so exhilarating. The give and take, the building it together, making your partner look good. Trying new material. Taking a dare.
When I came home from the long day “on the set”, R asked how it was. I said I felt like everyone did a great job and I was back to doing what I supposed to be doing.
Do you have that feeling? Do you know it?

will you be one too?



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5 responses to “Scooterbus: promo materials & process

  1. Marc

    Please make Scooterbus available to the masses, it’s been four days since we saw it, and we need to see it AGAIN!!!

  2. Marc, keep up the intensity. Love it.
    We’ll find out by Wed whether we made Best of Fest and screen again on Thurs at 7ish. If not, look for Scooterbus on-line soon. Thanks.
    Have we met?

  3. Marc

    Every day I live without seeing Scooterbus is a day wasted.

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