Liberty Frozen Custard

Beat the heat and step back in time with me, won’t you. Check out Liberty Frozen Custard across from a firestation (!) at 5401 Nicollet Ave, just north of Diamond Lake Rd. Kids run amok with cap guns and coins aplenty for old timey arcade fun. There’s even a fireplace with pulp novels and retro couches for the non summer day. Tons of fun. We’re currently enjoying pints of caramel, cookie dough and black raspberry chocolate swirl. Jealous? Get some.



It’s the kind of place you tell your Dad about on Father’s Day.
Speaking of, ours was fantastic, thanks for asking.
Uptown Market, Singin’ in the Rain at the Ordway (featuring actual dripping from the ceiling water dancing), dinner at Dad and Mom’s in Prior Lake. Good times.

Summer. We hardly knew ye and already the days are getting shorter? What the huh?
Tomorrow, Phoenix. Wed a screening of the new Woody Allen/Larry David. This weekend an old school BBQ with college friends. Life, it’s bigger.

What about you and yours? Do tell.



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2 responses to “Liberty Frozen Custard

  1. Dan

    I played in a Father/Son tournament with my Dad. That alone would have been great but my stepmom lined up my uncle Curt and my cousin Scott to play in the tournament as well to round out our foursome. I’ve only been playing a year so the consistency is off but I feel like I played well in that I at least didn’t embarass myself. I’m going to get under 100 strokes by the end of this year. I think Fathers Day golf is going to be a tradition from here on out.

  2. Karen Bajek

    Shhhh, don’t tell anyone about Liberty Custard! It’s the neighborhood secret. LOVE THE PLACE!! (and I seriously gained the last 10 pounds of Jack’s pregnancy going there). Jack hardly eats his food, let alone custard b/c he’s too busy looking at all the games. Did you know they host birthday parties? And we’ve been there more than once or twice when the fire engines roll out. Double the fun.

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