Tee Ball

Pablo may have found his sport. Soccer and swimming were rough, but we’ll try again. Last week he started playing for the Lyndale Farmstead Bluegills. We’ve never seen him shag a ball so quickly or actually concentrate on a game at hand like this. He was looking fine in classic Charlie Brown style with his baggy shorts, baseball cap, and big t-shirt. The irony is that his favorite part of baseball is absent. Normally he only likes to pitch, but said he really likes being in the field and trying to get the ball now. It’s fun to walk to the park whilst he runs ahead in excitement. And our sense of community is heightened by the neighbor kids on the team and their parents coaching.
walk to the park

action up the middle

action up the middle

helmet over Brewers cap

helmet over Brewers cap

OK, the only glitch is he’s not officially on the team yet. The park board said they were full, but the coach told us to keep showing up if we want to play. He doesn’t have an official shirt either. One of the coach’s sons doesn’t want to play, but she is holding out hope for him. Maybe not that much, since she told us to keep showing up. And we will every Tue/Thur till they kick us out.


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  1. An update: I’m assisting as coach now and Pablo and I got royal blue t-shirts to match the team from the recycled bin. So, our bid for legitimacy inches closer yet also we seem even more outlaw. Though I was actually asked to help coach for this week and next. Also, all the teams in our league are fish names. Thankfully. The other league is fruit named. Mangoes, Strawberries, etc. So glad that we are the BLUE GILLS now.

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