Better Bands

Off the top of my head. Cause my head is full of lists. Here’s a current list of favorite bands that have not let me down yet. These are musicians with at least 2-3 good records in a row or more. You gotta get a winning streak. Staying positive, not mentioning the ones I no longer can count as faves, these are en fuego right now. They have a solid track record.

The National
Zero 7
Tegan & Sara
The Long Winters
Mates of State
Broken Social Scene
Los Campesinos!

…and ten. And yours?

“The list is life.” – a wholly inappropriate use of a quote from Schindler’s List that always stuck with me.



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7 responses to “Better Bands

  1. Excluding some of yours and in alphabetical order:
    Arcade Fire
    Black Heart Procession
    Bruce Springsteen
    The Lassie Foundation
    My Morning Jacket
    The New Pornographers
    Starflyer 59

    Honorable, yet typical, mentions: Shins and Sigur Ros.

  2. The New Pornographers also made the list, but I have to admit I am little let-down and underwhelmed by Challengers in comparison to their previous stellar efforts.

    • I concur, but it’s still a lot better than a bunch of newer bands. Vampire Weekend? Please.

      • Yes, Challengers is still a better record than most you’ll hear, but I was a little disappointed. Every New Pornographers album prior had that one song, the fire up rocker of the year. “Letter from an Occupant”, “The Laws Have Changed”, “Use It” and “Sing Me Spanish Techno”, but Challengers doesn’t have a song that comes close the rave up of those.

      • Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that your criteria included shallow expectations that leave no room for artistic grows and/or experimentation. I mean, really, would you really want them to release the same album every two years? The subtly of Challengers is the album’s biggest strength. If a band’s output is generated by expectations they will lose their authenticity. See: Death Cab For Cutie’s latest album. Not that Challengers is my favorite album or even second favorite; but it shouldn’t be dismissed as foder because it doesn’t follow suit.

  3. I agree that an artist should grow and change. We tire of the ones who don’t. Their shelf-life is limited.

    I think they lost some of the strength and power in delivering a watered down record.
    You said it yourself Challengers is not even your second fave (of their four), which means it is, at best, your third and therefore somewhat of a let-down if it doesn’t match half of the others they’ve done. And I only wanted one song to break through and be at least as powerful. The New Pornographers is still high on my list of releases I am most looking forward to still this year. So I have hope they can regain their place in my spinning black towers of CD cases or at least on my Top Rated and Most Played folders in iTunes. And who knows maybe in my later years or more sedate times, I’ll find some solace in Challengers.

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