Weather related

Pablo and Doodles like to do what the older kids in the neighborhood are doing. They usually wear swim shirts when out in the water and sun. But then they see the neighbor kids on the Slip ‘N Slide across the street.

Pablo: Hey Dad, can we go nakey top like Nico?
Pablo and Doodles

Now, Nico is a dark-skinned, half Peruvian boy. As you can see Pablo and Doodles require either the SPF swim shirt or liquid sweater SPF 50+ like dear old Dad. We look more like Conan O’Brien or Tilda Swinton

than George Hamilton, okay?

We accept it. We don’t necessarily like it, but we deal.

The boys also call being barefoot nakey toes.

Pablo: Can I wear just toes outside?


Father's Day: Singin' in the Rain

Father's Day: Singin' in the Rain

Father’s Day was fitting weather-wise for our downtown St. Paul (again out-of-town) stroll before the stellar production of Singin’ in the Rain at the Ordway. It closes Sunday, see it if you can. It’s one of our favorite family movies. The dancing and choreography are pretty incredible, elevating a few of the lesser numbers from the film. The classics like Moses Supposes and the titular track are unbeatable.

And don’t forget to read Atmospheric Disturbances by Rivka Galchen for the July 14th Books & Bars. I’m enjoying it so far, kinda mysterious.


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