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Scooterbus: promo materials & process

I went from being excited to nervous to hesitant to excited again on this project. I have not seen the final yet, but hear it’s great. We got the assignment, genre, character, prop, and a line of dialogue on Friday night. Wrote till Sat morning around 7am. Started shooting at 10am. Improvised a lot of our lines. It was a very collaborative process. If you weren’t acting, maybe you were a grip or a director for a scene. We wrapped shooting Sat eve and editing began. There were a few more shots to get Sunday morning and the editing, titles, music, everything had to be done and submitted by Sunday night: 48 Hour Film Project.
Did I mention I did all my own stunts?

I hope you can see the premiere Tues at 9 with R and me.
The actors are encourage to be in their costumes. It should be really fun.

You’re invited:

We need audience votes to try to win favorite film.

Check out what our producer, Derek Bolden, whipped up in time for the screening invite.



So, what is a Scooterbus? Find out tomorrow night.

Worse case scenario, I hope it ends up on-line in the next few weeks, too. We’ll see.
But if you can make it, we need your support.

Would I do it again? I’d do it next month if I could. Maybe I will. It reminded me of being with my improv troupes back in L.A. like IO West. I love a team sport even if it’s more of an art. Ensemble comedy is so exhilarating. The give and take, the building it together, making your partner look good. Trying new material. Taking a dare.
When I came home from the long day “on the set”, R asked how it was. I said I felt like everyone did a great job and I was back to doing what I supposed to be doing.
Do you have that feeling? Do you know it?

will you be one too?


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Wow. Metric at First Ave. Maybe I should have posted more from them earlier so you would have gone to the show, but enough of you (R, Jesse, Xian, Rox, Amber, Abby, Erin) did anyway and were treated to, as Pablo might say, a titillating time. My fave concert of the year so far. This one was a blast. Going to be hard to top.

Emily Haines of Metric at L.A. show

Emily Haines is practically aerobic during their whole set. She combines post punk lyrical couplets like “Buy this car to go to work. Go to work to pay for this car. (repeat)” with an surpassed strut and swagger.

“Sick Muse” and a few others like “Twilight Galaxy” and “Front Row” sounded better live than on the album, Fantasies (my second fave of the year so far).
The energetic bandmates fly through this souped-up take on an already great rocker, now made rocket.

Stadium Love – our whole family loves this one. Listen to the lyrics.
At First Ave they declared it their/our new anthem: Metric and fans. I’d been dying to hear it live and it was a fist-pumping-chant-along.

Next up…Phoenix (current fave record of the year) at Varsity on June 23.
This will give you an idea of how close I want to stand for this one. Like the old days. R reminded me of how we always used to have stand front and usually center. Now we’re usually content to be in back, elevated and near the bar. But if Napoleon Says…


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48 Hour Film Fest – come see Scooterbus on Tues at 9 – Riverview


I made a movie today with a talented crew. We co-wrote and shot it, just wrapped. Editing tomorrow. I’m in it, it’s funny. I think it will be really good.
Come see it? Please?

MINNEAPOLIS 48 Hour Film Project Screening Info:

Our film will be screened:


June 16th




Riverview Theater, 3800 42nd Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN



The group of films that we are apart of:

GROUP B (Tuesday, JUNE 16th at 9:15pm)

3-20-E, Brian Walstad

Above-the-Line Entertainment, Justin Schaack

Colonic Irrigators Local #1138, Joseph Jolten

Eleventh Belly Productions, Tony Czech

The Gramercy Riffs, Keith Langsdorf

Humdinger TV, Kevin Myers

Omega Wolf and Friends, Rhett duPont

Overproof, Derek Bolden

Rabid Panda, Wilson Borchert

Six-Ton Productions, Robert Sidenberg III

Stab Abner Studios, Evan Taylor

Steel Lotus Productions, Daniel Wilson

WAM Style Inc., Frank Mannella


Ticket Passes $40 (7 shows for the price of 5) or large group tickets, may be purchased online through the producer of the festival Ira’s PAYPAL account email him for invoice and total number of tickets in purchase at

Or can be bought at the door of the RIVERVIEW THEATER that night!

If you have questions let me know,

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Away We Go – film review

All I have time for today (sorry no links or clips, but you’re savvy enough to find)
is a brief review since it was an advance screening which releases here today. I should’ve loved this movie. Thirty-somethings, pregnant, written by Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida, directed by Sam Mendes, quirky, funny, indie-ish. It seems like it was made for me and my ilk. I liked it enough, but something was missing. Something didn’t work. It’s not funny enough nor do you care about the characters to be emotionally affected by the drama. There are a few really funny scenes, but overall it was many shots of the two leads with a folky soundtrack by Alexi Murdoch playing over their sad faces. (Not a big fan of the weepy slow acoustic stuff. He’s overrated and the soundtrack is just jammed with his music over the dialogue.) It’s trying to be Garden State and Juno. Many of the characters are unbelievable and not very funny stereotypes. And I wanted to believe. I really did. Is it the ones you have higher hopes for that let you down more? Wish I could be more enthusiastic, but can only say wait for video.

Overall grade: B-, maybe a B…I’m torn about whether I’ll see it again on video and like it more or less. Hmmn.

Summer movies so far:

1. Up 3-D
The Hangover
Star Trek
Away We Go
Terminator: Salvation

Next ones to look forward to are Whatever Works (Woody Allen directing Larry David) and Funny People (Judd Apatow).

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Holy Grail Black Knight Re-enactment

Pablo puts on a good show as the limb-impaired Black Knight.
Listen closely for Doodles’ coconut shell sound for fake horse galloping.

The original with some profanity we usually try to skip. And then the Spamalot version follows.


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A Tale of Two Tots

L to R: Doodles, Cousin D, Pablo

At five and three years old, it’s interesting to see the other differences between the two boys who are often mistaken for twins upon first meeting.

Pablo and Doodles have very different morning styles.
Pablo would stay in jammies all day unless prompted to do otherwise.
The first thing Doodles says upon opening his eyes in the morning:
“MOM! Get me dressed!”

Pablo usually waits to eat till he really feels hungry or is done playing.
Soon after dressing, Doodles wants to eat lunch type foods (peanut butter and bread) if offered.


Pablo seems less inclined to sports, except for pitching baseballs. He really doesn’t want to hit, run, or catch. He only wants to pitch.
Doodles likes to bat a ball. So at least that works out for playing together.

Pablo is short for his age (40%). Doodles is 98th percentile for height.
Pablo and Doodles are both thin, but Doodles already has a muscular shape
to his legs.

Birth order probably plays a big part in their personality differences. Pablo can either be very social or extremely shy depending on the day and situation. Doodles seems to just jump into most things, literally without looking first most of the time. He has a frightening tendency to run with his head turned backwards.

It’ll be a fun ride to see how they grow, develop and change. Most people say the kids look like mini-Jefes at first. Then they say Pablo looks like Mama and Doodles more like me. It’s fun to see those things through others’ views and also to see the joining of the two of your families in young people.

Anyone else with two children want to speak to their sibling similarities or differences?

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Minimize – play along with me?

are you a packrat or a purger? do you have clutter or clean lines? do you need to do a massive spring cleaning in your house and/or life?

ever since moving into a house and moving again, been trying to become more of a minimizer and less of a collector.

i read something somewhere that seemed to make sense regarding my wanting to have a spring cleaning and purge the house of the clutter and junk.
modifying it for my own challenge, i’ll throw it to you and see if you want to play along. especially those of you with a house and kids.

get rid of one thing a day,
whether you give to a friend, donate, recycle, trash, or sell it.

one a day.

if you bring something new into your house/life, get rid of two that day.
one for each new thing you add. (not counting food/groceries, obviously)

interested? want to chronicle it? maybe i could – along with regular blog posts –
list the item i got rid of each day or even list it here to see if anyone wants/needs it first?

already i got rid of caps in this post. but they’ll be back, i just wanted to try something new.

ok, we’re about to buy a new item to reward doodles for using the potty (first poop on the potty, sorry to you non-parents, but a big day here). so that means today, two things at least have to go out.

this is not as easy as i thought. i just looked around and felt like steve martin at the end of the jerk. i’m gonna take this lampshade…and the dog…walking out naked from the house. couldn’t find the clip on-line yet. you may know what i mean.
anyway, ok, sound interesting? you wanna eliminate your clutter? streamline your life? play along…


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