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The Ballplayers’ Bubblegum


Pablo had me read the back of the Big League Chew pack to him aloud…3 times.
So, we recorded it. But I found out I can’t upload it here without a space upgrade. We’ll see if I find it worth it to do that later. Sorry for the tease. How about this?

BLC audio download

I’m going to see the Twins tonight and we are taking the boys in a couple weeks, too.

Baseball Fever: catch it.


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Bright Aside

Been a long day at the lake. It’s late, past the kids’ bedtime. They’re in their jammies having one good-bye treat of a fruit snack from their Nana. Sleepytime oddness ensues or is it because of something like Red Dye #40 in the “fruit” snacks? Doodles serenades then devours his fruit snack. Pablo would rather block the intrusive camera with his foot. I’d subtitle this if I could.

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Uptown Market

The video from our day at Uptown Market features some acoustic tunes by We Became Actors and facepainting by Rox. An older hippiesh woman saw Doodles face with the dinosaur and rocket on opposite cheeks. She said, “Oooh, I like it… embracing the past and the future…all in one adorable face.” Yeah, something like that. I think it was a coincidence. Doodles just likes dinosaurs and Rox does rockets, too.

Check it out – every third Sunday this summer.

“The Minneapolis Uptown Market is a street market with local artisans, craftspeople, small business owners, area farmers, and neighbors. Affordable, unique goods from both emerging and established local vendors. It will be held four times in 2009, on the third Sundays of June, July, August and September.

On 29th Street, between Lyndale Ave. S. and Dupont, the Uptown Market is located in the heart of a unique cultural center and easily accessible by public transportation as well as the Greenway. Think green. Think local.”

See you there August 16th. And here are my friends and some of the founders, Roxie and Abby, discussing it in a web interview:


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On the Radio

Hey, if you’re a parent or a fan of Books & Bars or just like me a little bit, listen on Sunday to Good Enough Moms on 107.1 FM

I’ll be co-hosting with Erin Erickson. We’ll have Lenore Moritz of Mom Culture as a guest, too. One of the topics we may cover involves raising children who care in times that need it.

Got any interesting questions? Call in and say hi, as I promote our special event for Books & Bars.

Jeff & Erin at kickball

Jeff & Erin at kickball

Thanks for listening,

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Symbolic Posturing

“Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?” by Prince playing in the car.

Jefe: Hey guys, this is Prince. He’s from Minnesota.

Listening a while. Air guitar playing.

Pablo: Is he a boy?


Later in the Trader Joe’s parking lot, Doodles and I heard a very loud sing-a-long of “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?” by U2. Coming towards us was a gold Lexus with windows down and a middle-aged man belting out the tune along with the stereo. I looked at his license which read simply:

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East Harriet RoseFest

Pablo and Doodles bounce their way through an obstacle course.

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The new blue blood/The great white hope

The National

The National live at First Ave on July 16, 2009

Great show. Perhaps inspired by our success at playing it young and unjaded at Phoenix, we stood near the front again. But like Doves, this was another example of having to not dwell on what they didn’t play and just be happy with the excellent performance. The addition of trumpet and trombone on most of the songs was an added treat. Baby, We’ll Be Fine was especially enhanced by a strong horn induced finale. Highlights included Secret Meeting, All the Wine, Squalor Victoria, and Apartment Story among others.

Lead singer, Matt Berninger, singing from the steps and crowd on Mr. November was positively electric. And scary, but he didn’t pull a Ryan Adams and almost fall off something. Like Adams he did engage the fans and even offer the rest of his mostly drunk bottle of white wine to the super-fan screaming and hopping front and center.

Mr. November, Matt Berninger, on the steps at First Ave

People used to hold up lighters, now they hold up iPhones. After the show a friend tweeted a prediction they could headline Rock the Garden next year.
Hey Current – this is a great idea.

He won't f'us over...He's Mr. November.

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