Why was six afraid of seven?

Uptown Kickball – Game 7 on 7/8/9.

Commish Jimothy said:
Game 07:
Bare Hands (We Don’t Need No Stinking Gloves) – 5
Six Afraid Of Seven – 4

MVP: Jeff Kamin, for numerous stellar plays and his patented team spirit.

— Aw, shucks, Erin said I need to write an acceptance speech.

What a good looking bunch. Reminds of the poster for Animal House.


In which Pablo and Doodles talk about favorite kickballers. MVP Jefe (Doodles’ fave) kicks. Noah lifts him up where he belongs.

In which Stensby kicks and then croons Cyndi Lauper-like. But not before Andy Schmidt (Pablo’s fave) gets hit with a superfluous ball and takes another base. Jake eats a fantastic sandwich. Patty “raps”. And another fun night of Uptown Kickball comes to a close.



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7 responses to “Why was six afraid of seven?

  1. I love that my face is hidden behind Noah’s elbow. It’s as if I wasn’t even there.

  2. Or I just realized it’s Ryan’s face.

  3. Jesse

    It’s because 7 8 9. Or was that just supposed to be understood?

  4. Thanks, Cyndi, I think we understood. So did Pablo and Doodles. How about She-Bop next time?

  5. paddy smacks

    um so the video is priceless.

  6. Jesse’s more of a Girls Just Want To Have Fun kind of guy.

  7. I love how Doodles will look right into the camera, but when giving his answer Pablo instead looks at Mommy and gives her a thumbs up. Like there’s some kind of sinister inside joke afoot here.

    Also, I love how Christian thought that he was Ryan. There’s nothing more embarrassing than seeing yourself on video except realizing that it isn’t you at all.

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