Remember Sagan?

Yeah, we forgot, too. I thought the Webkinz pup would be dead or at least have gnawed off his own paw to survive in his little internet jail cell. Today Pablo remembered we should feed and take care of him. It’s been a while. We tried to feed him a solar belt. He said he would have a hard time with that, but did enjoy the veggie stir-fried rice we also gave. Anyway, he was fine. Happy to see us. He says woof to all the Mustache Robot readers. Doodles wanted to take him hunting. Wasn’t sure how to do that, but we did try to see a cooking competition and beauty pageant in Webkinz Stadium. We also caught a comet with a fishing net which netted us the aforementioned solar belt, whatever that is. I’m not a strong Webkinzer.



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2 responses to “Remember Sagan?

  1. Kelly

    I find that there are many similarities between Webkinz and Facebook. I used to see the kids at school “getting stuff done” on ther Webkinz, only to find myself later that night “getting stuff done” on Facebook.

  2. If that’s true my Facebook is well-loved pet. It’s fed often. And I think it loves me back unconditionally. I never had a real pet. More on that later.

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