The new blue blood/The great white hope

The National

The National live at First Ave on July 16, 2009

Great show. Perhaps inspired by our success at playing it young and unjaded at Phoenix, we stood near the front again. But like Doves, this was another example of having to not dwell on what they didn’t play and just be happy with the excellent performance. The addition of trumpet and trombone on most of the songs was an added treat. Baby, We’ll Be Fine was especially enhanced by a strong horn induced finale. Highlights included Secret Meeting, All the Wine, Squalor Victoria, and Apartment Story among others.

Lead singer, Matt Berninger, singing from the steps and crowd on Mr. November was positively electric. And scary, but he didn’t pull a Ryan Adams and almost fall off something. Like Adams he did engage the fans and even offer the rest of his mostly drunk bottle of white wine to the super-fan screaming and hopping front and center.

Mr. November, Matt Berninger, on the steps at First Ave

People used to hold up lighters, now they hold up iPhones. After the show a friend tweeted a prediction they could headline Rock the Garden next year.
Hey Current – this is a great idea.

He won't f'us over...He's Mr. November.


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