Uptown Market

The video from our day at Uptown Market features some acoustic tunes by We Became Actors and facepainting by Rox. An older hippiesh woman saw Doodles face with the dinosaur and rocket on opposite cheeks. She said, “Oooh, I like it… embracing the past and the future…all in one adorable face.” Yeah, something like that. I think it was a coincidence. Doodles just likes dinosaurs and Rox does rockets, too.

Check it out – every third Sunday this summer.

“The Minneapolis Uptown Market is a street market with local artisans, craftspeople, small business owners, area farmers, and neighbors. Affordable, unique goods from both emerging and established local vendors. It will be held four times in 2009, on the third Sundays of June, July, August and September.

On 29th Street, between Lyndale Ave. S. and Dupont, the Uptown Market is located in the heart of a unique cultural center and easily accessible by public transportation as well as the Greenway. Think green. Think local.”

See you there August 16th. And here are my friends and some of the founders, Roxie and Abby, discussing it in a web interview:



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3 responses to “Uptown Market

  1. Somehow, the tambourine was the loudest instrument.

  2. I had to cut around the tambourine as I told Jesse. It was quite prevalent, yes.

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