Free = A Whole Lot Better

They say music is next to cleanliness. Actually no one says that, but if I did, it would also make it next to Godliness.

Great new free music is just one of the things that fuels me. I remember once commenting that perhaps I needed to cut back on the amount I have and seek out. Lately, been thinking I write too much about music and should try some other topics. But I was reminded by a friend a while back that it’s part of what feeds my soul. I need it to maintain vitality, which sounds like my Dad’s old hairspray VO5. Yeah, I said Dad. If you don’t refresh your arts, your creative juices, whatever it is that keeps you fired-up, you’ll stagnate. I just needed more of it to be free back then. Well, now that’s not a problem.

Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs, but really you should know his better early solo stuff. Yeah, I said better. His first two solo albums, One Mississippi and Lapalco are stellar.) is giving away his awesome new single, A Whole Lot Better. Get it on Amazon now. At 1:56 to the end of this song is as good anything I have heard in months. Listen, love, repeat.

Whatever it is that turns your crank, get it now. Enjoy. Go and be creative.
Nice cover art


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