National Night Out

We love our new block, but for some reason nothing was happening for National Night Out. The last time a block I was on had nothing on NNO, another neighbor and I walked it with beer in hand anyway. Just cause we could. In fairness there was a summer party this year and a regular Fri night rotational get together. (find the yard with the pink flamingo) But nothing on the sanctioned night of nights. It wouldn’t have been a deal except coming through Linden Hills yesterday the boys saw many streets blocked off with bouncy castles set up already. They wondered where ours was. (Too rich for our block, I think.)
Hooray for our Block

So I did what seemed like the 2009 thing to do and found neighbors on Facebook and friend requested them. For some reason I rarely seem to have neighbors e-mail addresses, never worked with them, just saw them on the block and never had to worry about their addresses as you could hand deliver or personally talk. But now, yes, I do so much on-line that even my National Night Out was a Personal Night In, At least they accepted my friend request.

We love walking to the park. But not everyone nearby cares as much. Is this a statement or were they just past their prime?
Trash our Parks?


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  1. If anyone would like to live in close proximity to the Knights of the Bright Side, there is a condo available and a duplex for rent on our block. So keep it in mind. Won’t you be my neighbor?

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