Yes, I know it’s Shark Week, but…

Eastbound and Down – rent it. Watch it. Will only take 3 hrs, like one really well done movie.

Other shows which seem promising lately are:
Michael and Michael Have Issues
Important Things with Demetri Martin

Mad Men returns Aug 16th. All bets are off.

I’ve seen Bruno, which was hilarious and daring. Also The Hurt Locker and liked it. Probably not a repeat viewing, but worth it. And I really want to see (500) Days of Summer after seeing The Time Traveler’s Wife screening next Monday. Want to catch Funny People, too. Then on 8/21 Tarantino returns with Inglourious Basterds (sic). Must see for me.

In Summer even my Netflix queue slows down drastically. But the only time Wii or 360 get turned on is for the kids or to watch something instantly. The game of our summer has been the yard one: ladderball. Along with kickball, of course.

August. This is it. Final month to make the summer memorable. What do you have? Camping, reunions, lake days, Twins, light rail ride, zoo, BBQs, relatives, pink flamingos, firepits, kickball, birthdays, concerts, outdoor movies, bandshell, picnic, meet the KDG teacher…

Ugh, feeling the pressure of one great month. What to do. What did I miss?

Summer’s Kiss by Afghan Whigs (Greg Dulli)

Did you feel the breeze?
My love
Summer’s kiss is over, baby
Do you know the words?
Sing along with me
And put on your rose fur coat, baby
It’s 1973

My love, this dream I have each night
I stare into a blinding light
Alone, I stare

Demons, be gone
Away from me
And come on down to the corner
I got something i want you to see
The burning sun
Too hot for shade
Come lay down in the cool grass
With me, baby let’s watch that
Summer fade

My love, this dream I have each night
I stare into a blinding light
Alone, I stare
So sweet
This dream is not a dream
I wake with it
Inside of me
Alone, I swear


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