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Cool Ideas of the Day: Spicing Up Authorless Events
Jay D. Peterson of Magers and Quinn Booksellers, Minneapolis, Minn., shared his thoughts on authorless events at the ABA Emerging Leaders blog.

“This month we’re doing two big off site events in conjunction with an exhibit at the Soap Factory gallery (yes, it’s in an old Soap Factory!) called Common Room,” he wrote. “Common Room will be a temporary curated gathering space within the Soap Factory designed to facilitate interactivity and the blurring of the boundaries between curators, performers and audience, all within in a casual, living room-esque environment. We were invited to curate some community gatherings around the subject of books.”

Regarding upcoming events, Peterson noted: “During our book club discussion of Time Traveler’s Wife, we’re having our attendees (circa 100 people) each create a paper sculpture (Clare’s profession/hobby in the book). And, in honor of Henry the time-traveling librarian, we’re building a card catalog of information on the reading habits of our book club regulars.

“Afterwards, once the beer and wine have been flowing for a while, we’ll do: Competitive one-on-one writing contests (sort of like Balderdash, but trying to write a cover blurb for a book you’ve never read) and Giant Mad Libs on a 1970s projection screen that looks a little like Wall-E.”


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